We greet You on our website

Canoeing rally on the river Drawa. We invite You to Pojezierze Drawskie

         We greet You on our website and invite to Pojezierze Drawskie on canoeing rally on the river Drawa, the best form of active rest !!! The fine river, power of adventures, sunny beaches,exquisite nature and also excellent party and new acquaintances waits on You.You will experience that only with us.


Reservation till 20.06 and after 20.08

- 10% discount

The rent of kayaks for more than 6 days

– 10 % discount

Price can be negotiated

- when a group of over 20 kayaks


We offer you fast repair service regarding to over guarantee repairs . We offer upgrades and technological repairs of kayaks. We repair elements of skeleton and exchange the damaged parts!

   Camping fields

Camping field served by us is the place fully wild, laid on kayak route with the name of Ks. Karol Wojty³a on the river Drawa. Our camping fields are situated over banks lakes such a "Dêbno Wielkie", "Ma³e Dêbno" as well as "Wiry"...

Canoeing rally on the river Drawa

 The canoeing rally is the one of the most fashionable and the most attractive way of spending actively free time. Canoeing rallies are trips in which each day we struggle with next stages of wander, through charming, sometimes wild aquatic routes.

During them we experience lots of adventures, which often remains long time in participants memory .
           That is the offer both for experienced kayakers as well as for those which had never had pleasure to participate in canoeing rally but they also want to prove their skills.