Canoeing rallies



Our canoeing rallies are splendid way for successful holidays and excellent opportunity to rest and enjoy careless party in a nice company. Rafting with us you will get to know unique nature of the most beautiful  canoeing routs in Poland, and we will make sure that you have fun ,we provide you tourist equipment, we will transport yours baggage’s , we will pay for camping field  - all of that you don't have to take care about nothing except swimming, sunbathing, playing volleyball or passionate delighting afternoon stillness, (depends what ones like :)). Participant's minimal age is 16 years however we invite all "generations" warmly!!!(persons below 16 years can participate in  events under adults surveillance). Route is chosen in way that everybody could manage  even those which had never seen kayak ( majority on our canoeing rallies is really such). Part in the kayaks do not extend  four hours of swim. 

Canoeing rally - why is it worth ?

  • on canoeing rally you are really near nature  - we suggest the most beautiful routs, which will remain in your memory long  time


  • you have the opportunity to see exquisite and unparalleled else where places (primeval forests, clean rivers,  huge moors) and to meet on rout rare animals species (beavers, otters, cranes, herons, eagles)


  • you will see the hidden traces of history - antique mills, aqueducts, old bunkers, hidden among forests forgotten cities, antique wooden churches and wayside shrine - all that you can not see in large city


  • everyday fires with roasting sausages, the guitar party's and fresh air will cause that you will have some rest and you will forget about stress  ·common swimming and party's bring closer people - maybe you will meet here someone special...  Compare offers - convince yourself. How to check this??


  • common swimming and party's bring closer people - maybe you will meet here someone special...

Compare offers - convince yourself. How to check this??

  • pay attention whether organizer assures in price of canoeing rally payment for bivouacs - if not ,you have to add about 50 zł.


  • if you do not want to carry your things inside kayak check whether in price is included transportation of baggage alongshore -usually the cheapest canoeing rally are without transportation of baggage’s 


  • take care about your pocket: organizer who does not act legally does not give you bill, on basis which you can claim for social refund of costs in institution of your or your parents work.